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Not all those who wander are lost

The spring tide left this large fishing boat high and dry. When the tide came in one night, a small armada of local boats tried unsuccessfully to drag it off the beach.

This Tahuna outrigger is clearly a cut above the rest, which were generally rather rustic and unpainted.

This floating fish farm in Indonesia is one of many. They have nets that can be raised and lowered. They are towed out to sea for use or back into port for maintenance.

Children throughout SE Asia and the Pacific love to have their picture taken. These kids in Tahuna were no exception. Note the crucifix on the front boy, rather unusual in this part of Indonesia.


The Market at Tahuna was a delightful mix of ramshackle buildings, meat, fish and produce.

The children at Tahuna were at first delightful, canoeing out to see us. However, once they got used to us, they became more aggressive and at times some were badly behaved, taunting and jeering at us as they circled the boat.

These Indonesian cargo ships, made of wood, ply the coastal waters from Thailand to Papua New Guinea. Huge loads are carried and some even sport a suit of sails.